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Golfer Testimonials

Rigo Laborin

This app is far better than any other golf improvement training software that I’ve seen. Golf MTRx, unlike typical professional training aids, actually focuses on the functionality of movement in the golf swing and uses this data to evaluate efficiency make recommendations for improvement.

Other products form their opinions through simple aesthetics – typically visual feedback based on some swing model – and do not evaluate or improve a specific player’s unique mechanics.

With Golf MTRx, I am able to directly correlate my MTRx numbers and the geometry of my golf swing by optimizing a particular statistic – Peak Speed – while restricting a particular movement in my swing – stabilizing the hips by straightening right. This type of feedback is truly unique invaluable to me as a golfer.


Hi Zeroline Golf,

I purchased a brand-new iPod just so I could buy your app… but what a difference it has made. I saw the app on Mark Crossfield’s pages and realised that it could really help me. Following the tutorials it has improved my swing and ball contact a massive amount.

I have noticed that I get great scores on my driver, but when I use a move to a more lofted club, such as an 8 iron, it takes me a while to get into the groove and get good scores. Do you have any thoughts on this difference and what’s causing it? Is this typical, driver is a longer club and I have more time to react??

One idea I’ve had is that the beep after a swing could change tone or intensity to reflect a score. I do find that it works best under my belt near my back left pocket and it’s a pain to get it out to look at the score and then put it back again. Just a thought.

Great app again.


Coach Testimonials

Randy Sparks

Director of Instruction & Coaching
PureStrike Golf Academy, Destin Florida

Randy SparksI wanted to share with everyone the following information regarding the Golf MTRx app and its use at PureStrike Golf Academy in Destin, Florida.
The below jpegs were of “M” – a 15-year-old junior golfer who is a sophomore in high school, stands 5’3, and is the back-to-back high school girl Golfer-of-the-Year in our area.

The top row represents her swing on December 16, 2012, while the bottom row represents her swing on March 10, 2013. Drills were provided to improve the total pivot motion as I am a big proponent of an athletic, rhythmic coordinated total motion. One of the two drills implemented was the use of a medicine ball.

randy-sparks-screen-shot-testM saw her total score on the Golf MTRx app go from 91 to 100 as well as her speed from 505 to 545. She improved her distance by 9 iron 125-130 yards to consistently hitting her 9 iron 130-135 yards. A couple swings went north of the 135 yard range. Improvement was seen in the overall pivot as well as distance, accuracy and trajectory.

Drills for monitoring the pivot in the golf swing are so important with junior golfers due them constantly going through growth spurts. But, it is likewise important for adults. As adults the growth spurt age is finally in our rear view mirror but soon after we begin to face other mobility and pivot motion as we begin to age. Drills, in conjunction with the Golf MTRx app can not only assist our junior golfers in their growing awkward stage but likewise can prolong the quality of life as we age as adults.
Thanks Golf MTRx staff for such a great app.”

Tour Player Testimonials

Charley Hoffman, PGA Tour Player

2-Time PGA Tour Winner

charlie-hoffmanGolf MTRx is the most convenient swing analysis system I have ever used. It breaks down my swing so that I can focus on what matters.”

Chris Riley, Former PGA Tour Player

PGA Tour Winner, 2004 U.S. Ryder Cup Team

chris-rileyGolf MTRx is the best app I have ever seen. I consider myself a feel player, and Golf MTRx is a tool that gives feedback based on how I truly feel, not how my swing looks.

Sam Cyr, Asian Tour Player

2-Time NAIA National Champion

563598_1The Golf MTRx iPhone app is a great tool to help you understand your golf swing and the immediate adjustments that are best for your game. I participated in the product testing for this app and believe Golf MTRx can help golfers gain critical information about their swing and insight into how to take strokes off their game.

I have access to a lot of different tools out here, and I haven’t seen anything as easy to use. My favorite feature is being able to compare when I’m hitting it well and when I’m just not at my best. I can set a Baseline and track my improvement using a specific club and even by the type of shot I’m trying to hit.

I am on the road constantly for the tour, and many times a focused practice routine doesn’t result in better play. I believe Golf MTRx will help me monitor my swing and make any necessary adjustments to optimize my results. This really is a game changer!

Ed Reyes, Asian Tour Player

Ed RayesThe Golf MTRx iPhone application has helped me tremendously with the development of my golf game.

I feel as if I look at the game of golf differently because I understand exactly how to find the power in my swing. It has made my practice sessions more efficient and simplified my routine by showing me the main areas to focus for the best gains. Because I understand how to sequence my body better, I feel as if I have more control over my ball flight and shot selection.

Also, the app gives me data and feedback about my body angles that video cameras have a hard time showing. I don’t need to hassle with filming at different angles and going back and forth to the video room. I just pull out my phone, open the application, take a couple swings, and from the feedback I am ready to start my practice session. With this new information about my game, I can get straight to the point with what I need to work on for the day.

It is simple, fun, easy and straight to the point. I think everyone’s golf game can benefit from using this tool.