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How to Improve Peak Time, Deceleration and Impact in my Golf Swing – Recoiler Drill by Zeroline Golf

Devin Fitzmaurice, Co-Founder of Zeroline Golf, Co-Owner of San Diego Golf Institute (SDGI) and TPI Certified Golf Instructor, provides a drill to help you address a few areas that may be identified in your Golf MTRx Score. The Recoiler Drill focuses on helping you improve your Peak Time and Deceleration. It will also help you contain the sweet spot from passing in front of your hands, improve your impact as well as help you hit the ball lower. Watch the video and let us know if you have any questions on the Recoiler Drill and how it helps improve your golf swing.

Gamification: How to Improve Your Swing by Creating A Game of Drills Using Golf MTRx™

Published on Feb 22, 2013 Devin Fitzmaurice, Co-Founder & COO of Zeroline Golf, explains how you can incorporate ladder drills and isolate metrics during your practice with Golf MTRx™ to see progress at a faster rate. You can identify your most efficient shot by comparing changes in rotation through staggering your shots. Start a ladder drill by increasing the distances with a specific club. Begin with a short distance and continually increase yardage, as you get to the shot with the most distance take a look at the data. To make it more difficult, you could look at each metric individually such as back swing rotation and start with it high and then bring it back down. It will give you a great understanding of what skills you have to take to the golf course. Golf MTRx™, on the Apple App Store℠, uses biomechanic analysis focused on the pelvis -- the foundation of a powerful and efficient golf swing -- to identify swing elements that need improvement and prescribes drills customized for the user. Golf MTRx is available for iPhone® or iPod touch®