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Set Up

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Golfer ProfilesStores your name, email, photo, coach info, handicap, notes, and settings. Use Profiles to group swings with different clubs: driver, fairway metals, irons, and wedges. Save each practice session in its own Profile to track progress.Profile
Limited to one profile

Unlimited profiles
Ideal for coaches to track student performance
Novice and Expert ModesChoose between Novice and Expert modes to customize the amount of data you prefer. Novice mode displays the SCORE and color coded labels for ACCEL, DECEL, PEAK, and SPEED. Expert mode shows all your MTRx data.Novice & Expert Modes
Coach Directory ListingUse Golf MTRx with your students and Promote your business with a FREE listing in the Golf MTRx Coach Directory at Zeroline.com, in our newsletter and through our Social Media channels.Coach Directory Listing

Main App Functions

Recording SwingsPlace iPhone in waistband, press Record button and start improving with Golf MTRx. The app will Record swings on the range, on the course-wherever you hit balls.Recording Swings
Limit 18 Swings
You can save, clear, or delete and record more

No limit on number of swings that you can Record and Save
Your MTRx ViewTop-down swing animation shows turn angles, ideal and actual peak time lines. Full swing chart with turn angles and graph, hip speed chart with speed color bars. Backswing, impact, and finish times.Your MTRx View
Chart ViewZoom in chart from top to finish positions. Turn angles and graph, hip speed chart with speed color bars. Peak time for ideal and actual values. MTRx SCORE display.Chart View
Score ViewMTRx SCORE computed by comparing your Acceleration, Peak Time, Deceleration, and Speed to Tour Pro averages.Score View
What the Numbers MeanDetailed explanation of different data displays-including Your MTRx, Chart and Score views- and Help information that explains how to use various features within the app.What the Numbers Mean
Assessment of Key Swing DataAssessment of your key swing data. Step by step process to understand your numbers and how to improve them. Assessment of Key Swing Data
Feedback Loops for Key Swing DataFeedback Loops include:
  • A complete breakdown of your numbers for every swing you record

  • Comparisons of your swing data to ideal swing numbers

  • Choices to allow you to make real changes to your numbers

  • Specific drills that address your identified swing flaws are the actions and steps for improvement

Feedback Loop for Key Swing Data
TempoGolf MTRx measures your Tempo, the ratio of your backswing time divided by your top-to-impact time, by the movement of the hips. The well known Tour Tempo is measured by movement of the club head.Tempo


Recommended DrillsImprove your game with the drills recommended by Golf MTRx based on the key data of your specific swing.Recommended Drills
Drill CatalogAccess all MTRx prescribed drills cataloged by title, purpose and key data focus.Drill Catalog
Standard drill set

Expanded with
additional drills

Tracking Improvement

Tag and Save Swings as Favorites and BaselineTag your best swings with a short description, ball contact rating, swing type, club category, and shot shape icon. Save swings to your list of Favorites and set any swing as your Baseline swing.Tag and Save Swings
Score Compared to Baseline SwingCompares MTRx SCORE-computed from your Acceleration, Peak Time, Deceleration, and Speed-to your selected Baseline swing.
Score Compared to Configurable TargetsMonitor your improvement by comparing your MTRx SCORE for each swing to the target values you set.
Baseline CompareCompare your swings to your Baseline swing in both the Chart View and Your MTRx View. See the differences, locate data points to repeat and experiment with your swing.baseline-compare