Golf MTRx App Review

Call us perfectionists, but if you’re anything like us, when it comes to golf swing data you never can quite get enough. The good news is that for any of you swing data fiends out there, the Golf MTRx iOS app by Zeroline Golf delivers big time.

Pronounced (Metrix) the MTRx app squeezes every last drop of hardware capability out of those technological wonders we call iPhones, to capture and analyze every aspect of your swing.

Using the app couldn’t be easier. You simply tell the program to begin recording, then you tuck it in your pants (no we’re not kidding) and swing away. The MTRx app will continue to record swing after swing until you indicate that you’re finished. When your session is complete, the app will then ask you to rate your ball contact for each find-bride comments swing (used as a reference point later when analyzing the captured data).

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Tech Talk: Improve Your Game with the Golf MTRx App

Golf smartphone apps have flooded the market over the last two years, all promising to improve your game and lower your scores. While many apps are focused on offering golfer’s tips and drills to practice on the range, others calculate descriptive statistics of your golf swing in real time. The new Golf MTRx app by Zeroline Golf for iOS devices offers the most detailed analysis of your swing that I’ve seen to date.

First and foremost, the app is unlike others that record swing analytics in that there is no hardware required to make it work. As long as you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can use this app with relative ease. You don’t even have to attach a clip to your golf club.

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Time to Develop a More Powerful Swing with a Unique Tool

Zeroline approached us at Bunkers Paradise to take a good look at the Golf MTRx APP and see what we think. After a discussion, our Founder decided that I would take it on and give it what you have heard before is the ‘Intensive Kate Hughes Challenge’. I didn’t know much about it because I am an old school player—you know the one that played on tour and uses her legs to walk off yardages and ‘feels’ her swing and once in a while gets a friend to take a look at the basics of the swing. Well, as technology continues to advance and give us ways to improve our games, I have decided to take an inside look at all that will advance my game…to my next level.
And so I received the APP and downloaded it on my phone about 3 weeks ago. There are some reviews I like to take time on to be sure I give it the Kate Hughes once over. Hey, I have to really believe in something to give it the thumbs up…and guess what…Zeroline’s Golf MTRx APP definitely got the thumbs up.
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Golf MTRx iPhone App Review


The Golf MTRx app basically focuses on proper hip rotation during the golf swing. We found that during testing it certainly helped us to work on and develop an important aspect of our game which is often neglected. Assuming you are in the market for game improvement technology such as this and are willing to commit the time and effort to record your swing data and carry out the drills required to make those all important changes while tracking your progress then this app is certainly worth the investment.

What’s good:

No additional equipment needed other than your iPhone

Records multiplayer data so your golf buddies can use it too

Multiple drills provided for specific swing flaws

Can be used on the range or course with quick setup and is easy to use

It has loads of cool graphical features and provides comprehensive analytical data and is quite fun once you get into it



Golf MTRx (Metrics) is the first and only mobile technology that measures the movement of a golfer’s pelvis through a swing and provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions to develop a more efficient and powerful swing. The app allows you to virtually create a breakthrough every time you practice and learn the metrics of your best swing so you can repeat it every time. Most amateur golfers lack proper hip rotation and their golf swings are mired in hand and arm actions, resulting in inconsistent shot patterns and loss of power. The Golf MTRx app solves that problem using your iPhone.


by Rusty Cage – July 5, 2013

scoreLegendary golf instructor Harvey Penick compared the sequence of a golf swing to that of lopping off the heads of dandelions with a weed cutter to convey the right sensation to his students.

Many of us still rely on conjuring up mental images of swinging buckets of water or clipping weeds to train our bodies to produce the best golf swings of which we are physically capable. But whether or not we flush it every time, or have those rounds where we’re just flushing it away, it’s important to know what we’re doing correctly or incorrectly in order to play our best golf more often.

The Golf MTRx application for iPhone, by Zeroline Golf, is a portable and sophisticated tool that records your swing and translates the kinematic sequence of your pelvis into data you can use to better understand how your body functions when it swings a club.

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By Dave Phillips, Dec. 25, 2012

Golf MTRx uses an iPhone holster to secure the iPhone to your hips, then using the iphone app inconjuntion with sensors in your phone it measures data on hip speed, accleration, deceleration and tempo during your swing. This data can then be compared to touring professionals or used during practice and exercise programs to determine if the things you are working are actually improving or not.



100% Positive Reviews – Rated #2 In Software

“Like A Personal Golf Coach In Your Pocket”
by Golfingdad, January 16, 2013 at 2:14 am

Pros: Ease of use, Drills

Cons: Currently only for iPhone/iPod touch

The Golf MTRx iPhone (or iPod touch) app is a very easy to use training aid. I was given the opportunity to try this out for the first time at the range the other day and I am really intrigued by it. This program measures your hips during the golf swing and compares and analyzes the results, all right on your iPhone. The idea behind the program is that you record your swings, save them with as much (or little) information as you’d like, analyze your swing based on four variables, and then improve your game with swing-specific drills and exercises. And the best part is that the app takes care of all of those steps for you … there is no guesswork.


“Great for Golf Coaches!”

“Create a Profile for Each Student”

Golf MTRx iPhone App
By: James Miles, January 9, 2013

Technology is an impressive thing that never stops evolving or spreading into new and different areas. Golf is among the most recent of those areas, and thanks to the widespread availability of smart phones, companies have jumped in headfirst with programs made specifically to help the average golfer. A recent example of that is Zeroline Golf with their new iOS app, Golf MTRx.


Instantly view your kinetic link data and swing analysis

See your MTRx Score and where you need to improve with recommended drills

Learn to build a good foundation for your kinematic sequence

Use data to understand how your pelvis is moving at critical points in the swing

Complete the practice drills and watch progress…

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