Pelvis = Power

mtrxrocketWhy focus on the pelvis? If you had the time and inclination, you could read studies in biomechanics which determined that the pelvis is the foundation of a powerful and efficient golf swing. Most golfers don’t want to know all of the technical information (for those you do, we have included links to more information in the following paragraphs and on the How Golf MTRx Works page). While higher handicap golfers just swing harder in an effort to gain more distance, golf professionals know that more efficient movement, especially movement of the pelvis as a vital segment in the swing, will result in better results, including more distance. The pelvis is the first segment of the kinematic sequence and is the first part of a golfer’s body that must fire to generate the most power in a golf swing. For years this has been understood and accepted by golf professionals, many of whom have employed biomechanics and sensor systems in laboratories and research facilities to measure body movement during a swing. Golf MTRx put this technology in an easy-to-use mobile format for use on the driving range and even on the golf course – at a price any golfer can afford.


Better Than Video

Golf-MTRx-What-Do-The-Numbers-Mean-Chart-ZerolineGolfers would love to replicate the swings of world class golfers. You can watch endless video clips of powerful swings and never be able to apply what you see to your own swing. The reality is that video can be overwhelming due to the amount of information that is presented to the viewer. An incorrect camera angle can also distort what the viewer actually sees. The amount of time required to capture and review video can needlessly interrupt the flow of effective and quality practice.

In contrast, Golf MTRx measures one vital segment of a golfer’s body — the pelvis, the segment that is known to generate power in a swing. The app focuses on several key components of pelvis movement to prescribe specific solutions for greater efficiency and more power. Our goal is to help golfers maximize practice time and reduce the frustration of trying to mimic a swing that may not be possible given a golfer’s body type and ability level.

That said, video can be a useful tool for coaches to use with students and occasionally for golfers to review overall their swing motion. Many Golf MTRx coaches use video as an additional instructional tool, but used alone by an individual golfer, video does not provide the specificity of information and focus on key power generating elements that Golf MTRx does.