Don’t Practice Longer, Practice Better

Integrate Golf MTRx into your practice routine to make better use of practice time and IMPROVE!

Make Practice Time More Purposeful


Detailed and quality feedback is gathered from each swing recorded by Golf MTRx

Do you hit hundreds, maybe thousands, of balls without getting better? Do you have a clear aim, a plan of attack every time you go to the range, or do you just assume hitting more balls will help you improve?

With Golf MTRx, practice time becomes more deliberate and relevant since there is feedback from every swing and steps toward improvement every time out on the range.

Measure to Improve


Swing analysis data is displayed by Golf MTRx in several different formats

The old business management adage – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – has been adapted by sports science to measure the performance of athletes and help them improve.

Golf MTRx was designed so that a golfer’s swing characteristics can be measured, quantified with numbers and displayed in several different formats within the app.

Diagnose Your Specific Swing Flaws


The Load Lead Leg Drill as displayed by Golf MTRx

Golf MTRx was designed to identify the specific flaws of a specific golfer – you! Many golf swing improvement tools focus on common mistakes, rather than the ones you actually have. You are the source of the swing and that is where improvement with Golf MTRx is focused.

The drills prescribed by Golf MTRx are determined by your swing characteristics, so you won’t be practicing drills designed for someone else – they are made specifically for you! As the source of the swing, the greatest improvement can be made when you understand how to move your body for a more efficient and powerful golf swing.

Achieve a Breakthrough


Data from a series of golf swings with Golf MTRx

Find the swing that works best for you with Golf MTRx, no matter your handicap. Scratch golfers use Golf MTRx to refine very small aspects of their swings. Higher handicap golfers who may feel overwhelmed by all the areas of their game that need help use Golf MTRx to point out specific areas for improvement, create a specific and customized path toward improvement and follow that path with drills that will make them better.

Golfers using Golf MTRx know they are moving in the right direction, since all of the data they see in the app is generated from their swing and oriented specifically toward their improvement.

Practice Suggestions


Setting a Baseline swing is easy with Golf MTRx

After warming up, the golfer should use a mid-iron – a five, six or seven iron – and begin recording swings with Golf MTRx. It is recommended that the golfer set a Baseline swing early, so improvement can be measured over time.

Rating recorded swings allows golfers to become familiar with the data from their best swings and learn to repeat those swings

Swings should be rated, so the golfer can begin to see what MTRx numbers produce the best results. Even if the shot is not always perfect, most golfers know when it feels right. We encourage users to “measure the feel” of good shots, so they can be replicated and improved upon.

The Golf MTRx Feedback Loop allows golfers to use the app to learn and improve

As persistent flaws are identified, follow the Golf MTRx Assessment and Feedback Loops to improve.

Gamify the app to learn at an even higher rate – you may even want to start with a game using the app – such as the Ladder Drill – as described in this Gamification video.

Experiment – Don’t be afraid to try new things and see how they work. The great thing about Golf MTRx is you can get real and quantifiable feedback from every crazy practice idea you might have. Save the swings that seem to work so you can go back and work more on the same idea the next time you practice.

COMING SOON: Suggested Practice Routines for Different Levels of Golfer – High, Mid, Low Handicaps

Make Your Own Practice Routine

The suggestions listed above are just that – suggestions – because there is no ONE way to use Golf MTRx to improve. The app is filled with so much useful information and golfers will come to Golf MTRx from such a wide variety of experiences and skill levels that the best way to use the app to improve will be determined by each user. Every golfer can follow the Golf MTRx Assessment and Feedback Loops to create their own practice and improvement routine. Golf MTRx was tested and is currently used by golfers of all levels and the Reviews speak for themselves.

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