Just a Few Simple Steps

Once Golf MTRx is on your device, simply launch the app, tap Getting Started, and follow the on screen instructions. Before you start swinging, you will need to ensure the iPhone is secured to your hips. For the best results, we recommend tightly securing the iPhone under your belt with the iPhone top down and the middle of the iPhone behind your belt. You can also use an iPhone holder belt strap that can be purchased online from various retailers.

For a quick and easy demonstration of how to start using Golf MTRx watch this video

Golf-MTRx-Start-Recording-ZerolineGolf-MTRx-Getting_Started-ZerolineOnce the iPhone is secured to your hip, tap Start Recording and start hitting balls. If your volume is on, MTRx will “ping” when a swing is successfully recorded. To stop recording, remove the iPhone from your waistband and double tap the Stop button. The recorded swing list will chronologically display all the swings recorded. Tap on any of the swings to see animation, charts and recommended drills.