Golfers explain how using Golf MTRx helped them to develop a more efficient and powerful swing

What is Golf MTRx?

Golf MTRx (Metrics) is the first and only mobile technology that measures the movement of a golfer’s pelvis through a swing and provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions to develop a more efficient and powerful swing. Create a breakthrough every time you practice and learn the metrics of your best swing so you can repeat it every time.

Golf MTRx for the Golfer

Develop a More Powerful and Efficient Swing
Golf MTRx is the only mobile technology that identifies find-bride how a golfer’s body, specifically the pelvis, moves through the swing and immediately prescribes drills to address flaws and create a more efficient and powerful swing.

Focused on the power-generating core of your body, Golf MTRx will help you hit it longer and straighter

You’ve downloaded the Golf MTRx – here’s how you begin using the app

Specific practice routines and suggestions of how to use Golf MTRx to improve

Find out how Golf MTRx (somewhat) magically gathers data and prescribes steps for improvement

Helpful links to videos, drills and suggestions