Devin Fitzmaurice explains how coaches can use Golf MTRx to supplement instruction and drive business

What is Golf MTRx?

Golf MTRx (Metrics) is the first and only mobile technology that measures the movement of a golfer’s pelvis through a swing and provides real-time feedback and immediate solutions to create a more efficient and powerful swing. Golf MTRx harnesses the power of sensor technologies in a handheld and cost-effective format so coaches can use it during lessons to supplement instruction. Much more than just a teaching aid, Golf MTRx helps coaches drive business and make more money.

Golf MTRx for the Golf Coach

Drive Business with Golf MTRx
Golf MTRx is a simple tool to raise your profile as a golf professional, attract new students and better engage with your existing ones

See why Golf MTRx Ultimate is a robust swing analysis tool and Golf MTRx LT is the PERFECT beginners tool for your students