Zeroline Golf to Showcase Innovative New Golf MTRx™ Smartphone App at PGA Expo

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Golf MTRx™, the app that collects immediate and personalized swing feedback and provides a prescription to help improve a golfer’s swing, will be demonstrated and tested during the PGA Expo Demo Night

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 20, 2012) –Zeroline Golf ( will showcase its innovative Golf MTRx™ smartphone application today during Demo Night at the 2012 PGA Expo in Las Vegas. Golf MTRx measures a golfer’s hip mechanics during a swing, displays the data in a visually simple and intuitive format, prescribes drills to help a golfer improve, and provides a platform for more frequent and effective interaction between instructors and their students. The app is in final development and is expected to be launched in fall 2012.

The PGA Expo Demo Night will be held today from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. local time at the Callaway Golf Center just off the Las Vegas Strip and will feature product testing, instruction workshops, professional networking and a social golf outing. PGA professionals, buyers and industry leaders attending the PGA Expo at Venetian Resort Hotel Casino will have complimentary access to Demo Night where the newest equipment, training aids and accessories will be tested first hand at the Callaway Golf Center’s two-tiered 113-stall lighted driving range. More than 40 of the industry’s leading manufacturers are expected to participate in Demo Night.

Golf MTRx provides a simple mechanism for golfers to receive meaningful personalized feedback on their hip mechanics during swings and practice improvement techniques between lessons, making instruction much more efficient and productive. Using a patent pending swing recognition technology, Golf MTRx measures a golfer’s hip mechanics, including backswing, impact, and finish turn angles; tempo; rotational speed in degrees per second; acceleration; and deceleration during a golf swing and sends precise and relevant metrics back to the user in a visually simple and intuitive format.

The application compares the user’s swing data to that of the average tour player and produces a MTRx efficiency score. Golf MTRx then recommends drills to address areas of the swing that need improvement.

Golf MTRx also allows the golfer to save an “ideal” swing as a baseline that can be compared to subsequent swings. Swing data can be saved for a variety of different types of shots, such as a high fade, low draw, punch shot, etc., and those metrics can be used for a golfer to replicate the ideal swing for each type of shot when practicing.

Golf MTRx is a particularly effective tool for PGA professionals to maximize instruction by allowing students to record data from practice in-between lessons, upload the data onto Facebook, and receive feedback from their instructor. Swing data can also be emailed to an instructor or friend. Subsequent versions of the app are expected to include a locator feature for golfers to find a local PGA professional who uses Golf MTRx as a teaching tool.

Additional information about the application can be found at the Zeroline Golf website, and on the company’s Facebook page, Golfers and PGA professionals can follow Zeroline Golf on Twitter at

Zeroline Golf

Founded in 2011, Zeroline Golf, LLC is a mobile platform development company focused on empowering active lifestyles with the tools to connect, instruct and compete with the mission to change the way golf is taught. The company’s first product, Golf MTRx™, provides immediate and personalized swing feedback, a prescription to help improve a golfer’s swing, and a platform for more frequent interaction between instructors and their students. Golf MTRx is scheduled for fall 2012 release.


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