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Golf MTRx LT serves as an introduction to personalized biomechanic golf swing analysis and provides an immediate prescription to address each swing flaw

MTRX-LT144-featuredSAN DIEGO, CA (July 17, 2013) – With the release of the Golf MTRx® LT iOS app, golfers now have two options for integrating biomechanic swing analysis into their practice and improvement routines. Golf MTRx LT is the “lite” version of Golf MTRx, the only mobile golf swing analyzer that uses the internal sensor technology inside an iPhone or iPod touch device to identify how a player’s body, specifically the pelvis, moves through a swing and immediately prescribes drills to address flaws and increase swing efficiency and power.

Golf MTRx LT contains many of the same golf swing analysis, feedback and improvement features of the full version, which allows users to record an unlimited number of swings so improvement can be tracked over time. Many of the same charts and graphs showing detailed swing data are available on both, but the full version of Golf MTRx provides a greater depth of information, including multiple comparison features and more detailed swing improvement recommendations.

For a limited time Golf MTRx LT is being offered at a special introductory price of $9.99. To see a detailed comparison of the LT and full versions of Golf MTRx, please visit

“The LT version was created as an introduction to the full Golf MTRx experience,” said Devin Fitzmaurice, co-founder of Zeroline Golf. “We understand that the mention of biomechanic golf swing analysis can be intimidating to some players who have been hitting it the same way for years. If you think there is room for improvement in the mechanics of your golf swing, and none of the other improvement tools you’ve tried have made a difference, we encourage you to download Golf MTRx LT. It won’t take long to see that a detailed analysis of how your body moves during a swing and specific recommendations to address your flaws will result in greater efficiency, more power and an improved golf game.”

Golf MTRx LT provides the same MTRx View, Chart View and Score View screens showing pelvis acceleration, deceleration, peak time, and speed data for each swing. LT users are able to tag their best swings with a short description, ball contact rating, swing type, club category, and shot shape icon; save swings to their list of Favorites; and set any swing as a Baseline swing.

Drill recommendations based on the analysis of each swing and a catalogue of drills are available for users of both versions.

“Instructors will undoubtedly want to use the full version with its greater depth of golf swing analysis, unlimited profiles to record data for each of their students, and access to a free listing in our Golf MTRx Coach Directory. Some of our Golf MTRx Coaches are already recommending the LT version to their students, so the students can email or post to Facebook swing data from in-between lesson practice sessions for their instructor to review,” said Fitzmaurice.

“Golfers of all levels have reported that once they used the app and started receiving the swing analysis tailored just for them, they wanted to keep using it and even delve deeper into their data. Golf MTRx LT allows users to try the app, get comfortable with the way the swing information is presented, and start improving with the drills provided. If they want to continue their learning and improvement journey, an upgrade to the full version of Golf MTRx is the perfect next step,” added Fitzmaurice.

Both Golf MTRx and Golf MTRx LT are now available on the Apple App StoreSM. For additional information, please visit and interact with the company on its social sites listed at

Zeroline Golf
Founded in 2011, Zeroline Golf, LLC is a mobile platform development company that launched its first product, Golf MTRx, in December 2012.

About Golf MTRx®
Golf MTRx® is the only golf swing analyzer that puts the power of mobile sensor technology in the palm of a player’s or coach’s hand. Golf MTRx delivers immediate and detailed golf swing analysis in easy-to-understand formats then prescribes specific drills tailored to address each of the player’s identified swing flaws. Grounded in biomechanic swing analysis, Golf MTRx is an advanced learning tool ideal for virtually any level of golfer. By addressing the efficiency of movement of a golfer’s body, Golf MTRx will help the user achieve better control while unleashing greater power.

Golf MTRx has made hi-tech golf swing analysis affordable, since the app uses only the sensors already built in to the iPhone and iPod touch device. There are no other sensors, batteries or aligning devices to purchase and there are never any syncing issues, since everything is in the app on your device.

Visit to learn how to create a more efficient and powerful golf swing with Golf MTRx.

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