Zeroline Golf Celebrates Dad with 50% Off Golf MTRx® for Father’s Day

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Sale runs through the final round of the U.S. Open — June 16th

SAN DIEGO, CA–June 5, 2013—Since so many golfers were introduced to the game by their dads, Zeroline Golf, developer of the innovative Golf MTRx® mobile application, has cut the price of the app 50% in honor of Father’s Day. The sale began on June 2nd and runs through June 16th – Father’s Day and the final round of the 2013 United States Open Championship at Merion Golf Club, Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

Golf MTRx is the only mobile technology that uses sensor technology to identify how a golfer’s body, specifically the pelvis, moves through the swing and immediately prescribes drills to address flaws and create a more efficient and powerful swing. The pelvis is the first segment of the body that must accelerate and decelerate properly so that the upper body, arms and club can follow with the correct timing and sequence.

“Father’s Day is a great opportunity for sons and daughters to buy their dads the gift of golf improvement,” said Steve Blake, co-founder of Zeroline Golf. “Sure, he’ll wear another new tie or pair of socks, but wouldn’t he rather hit the ball straighter and farther with greater consistency? With Golf MTRx, every practice session becomes more focused and effective, and dad will be using the app to improve his game long after other gifts are forgotten.”

“Even at full price, the range of feedback and recommendations provided by Golf MTRx makes it a bargain. At 50% off, anyone who has a father, father-in-law, husband and even son who wants improve their golf game should make a gift of Golf MTRx,” Blake added.

To make a gift of Golf MTRx, first find it on the App StoreSM. From a computer, click the arrow next to the price and choose “Gift this.” From an iOS device, tap the share button at the top of the screen. An email will be sent letting your recipient know about the gift, and with one click, Golf MTRx will start downloading to their device.

For additional information about Golf MTRx, please visit, on Facebook and at Twitter.

Zeroline Golf
Founded in 2011, Zeroline Golf, LLC is a mobile platform development company whose first product to market, Golf MTRx®, puts the power of mobile sensor technology in the palm of a golfer’s or coach’s hand by delivering immediate feedback to create a more efficient and powerful golf swing. Create a new breakthrough every time you practice or play by learning your most efficient pelvis movement through the swing. Download the app, learn what the best players do and discover how you can achieve effortless power through Golf MTRx.

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