Zeroline Golf Announces Limited Time $0.99 Sale for Mobile Golf Swing Analysis Tool Golf MTRx® LT

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Golf MTRx LT – the “lite” version of Golf MTRx – provides real-time, in-depth swing analysis and improvement recommendations with an in-app upgrade to Golf MTRx Ultimate

resourcesSAN DIEGO, CA (October 25, 2013) – Zeroline Golf has reduced the price of its Golf MTRx® LT iPhone application to $0.99 on the Apple App Store, providing the estimated 60 million golfers worldwide with a simple and inexpensive entry point into the premier mobile swing analysis tool available today. Golf MTRx LT, which can also be used on iPod touch devices, records a golfer’s swing, provides immediate measurements of a variety of the golfer’s swing features, identifies where the golfer’s swing needs improvement, and prescribes specific drills to address any diagnosed swing flaws.

Unlike most swing improvement tools, Golf MTRx is based on real and specific measurements of flaws such as over rotation, a very common power-robbing mistake made by golfers of all skill levels. Golf MTRx provides its data immediately after each swing, so the flow of practice is not interrupted. Ever wonder if your hips are positioned properly at the top of the swing, at impact or at the finish? Golf MTRx will answer these questions and provide ways to practice to improve your specific swing faults.

Key metrics measured by Golf MTRx LT include top speed, top turn rotation, impact turn, and finish position. The Baseline feature allows golfers to see how they have improved from their first swing with the app, and the Favorites feature allows golfers to save their best swings, understand exactly what they are doing in those swings, and work to repeat their best motion with every shot.

If golfers want even deeper analysis into their swing and how to improve it, Golf MTRx LT provides a simple in-app upgrade to Golf MTRx Ultimate. Golf MTRx Ultimate includes a tempo measurement, novice and expert modes, the ability to save unlimited swings, multiple golfer profiles, additional comparison features, an advance Assessment feature, and a Path to Improvement, which takes the golfer from the assessment to a step-by-step improvement process to develop a more powerful and efficient golf swing.

To compare the features of LT and Ultimate and choose the one that is best for you, visit

“Golf MTRx Ultimate has received great reviews in the App StoreSM and in major golf industry media outlets,” said Devin Fitzmaurice, co-founder of Zeroline Golf, “and now we would like even more golfers to experience how effective this tool is in improving their swing. As a golf instructor, I have seen how well it works, as have the multitude of other instructors who use the app with their students.

“The LT version at $0.99 makes it affordable for any golfer to check out the app and its informative features. If they like the feedback Golf MTRx provides, they should step up to the Ultimate version to take advantage of even more measurements, in-depth analysis, swing comparisons, and recommendations. With unlimited swings configurable targets, and in-depth assessment and improvement features, learning with Golf MTRx truly never stops.

Both Golf MTRx Ultimate ( and Golf MTRx LT ( are now available on the App StoreSM. For additional information, please visit and interact with the company on its social sites listed at

Zeroline Golf
Founded in 2011, Zeroline Golf, LLC is a mobile platform development company that launched its first product, Golf MTRx, in December 2012.

About Golf MTRx®
Golf MTRx® is the only golf swing analyzer that puts the power of mobile sensor technology in the palm of a player’s or coach’s hand. Golf MTRx delivers immediate and detailed golf swing analysis in easy-to-understand formats then prescribes specific drills tailored to address each of the player’s identified swing flaws. Grounded in biomechanic swing analysis, Golf MTRx is an advanced learning tool ideal for virtually any level of golfer. By addressing the efficiency of movement of a golfer’s body, Golf MTRx will help the user achieve better control while unleashing greater power.

Golf MTRx has made hi-tech golf swing analysis affordable, since the app uses only the sensors already built in to the iPhone and iPod touch device. There are no other sensors, batteries or aligning devices to purchase and there are never any syncing issues, since everything is in the app on your device.

Visit to learn how to create a more efficient and powerful golf swing with Golf MTRx.

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