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Why Do I Need To Understand Peak Time and How Can I Use Golf MTRx™ To Improve My Peak Time?

Peak Time is the point of time during the downswing that your hips reach top speed and begin to decelerate.  Golf MTRx displays the Pro Tour averages for acceleration, deceleration, and peak speed, and uses those to calculate your MTRx Score.  The app calculates Ideal Peak Time to be 60% of the time from the start of your downswing until impact.  The 60% ideal target comes from analysis of kinetic chain charts, using the point the hips start forward until impact.  Golf MTRx measures your actual Peak Time and displays it relative to the Ideal Peak Time.

Peak Time Is Important Because:

 1. We need time for the torso and hands above the pelvis to fire before impact.  If the pelvis reaches peak speed too close to impact, it’s a clear sign that the torso, arms, and club are not able to fire efficiently.

2. The pelvis will begin to decelerate when the upper body segments begin to engage and fire.  The torso will apply pressure to the lower body and it has to be able to stabilize in time to support the energy from above.

There is no trick to decelerating as we all do it at some point.  If you can accelerate, reach peak speed quickly, and stabilize by decelerating sufficiently prior to impact, your torso and arms have time to catch up and bring the club to the ball efficiently with good power.  You don’t actually have to try to decelerate; it should happen naturally as your torso accelerates by tapping the power from your legs and pelvis.

Decelerating at the right time before impact allows your pelvis to stabilize in time to transfer 1.5 times that much acceleration to your torso which can in turn transfer multiple amounts of acceleration and speed to your arms, hands and club face at impact. This is the kinetic chain that when done efficiently, allows you to deliver the clubface to the ball at maximum speed at impact.

Improve Your Peak Time 

Golf MTRx recommends drills to improve your Peak Time.  The Peak Time drills are mainly for separation of the segments, phases of muscle stretch and shortening, and balance and stability, which can be a fitness or mobility issue in many cases.

Finding numbers best for you are what you can determine through feedback from Golf MTRx.  Try different speeds, acceleration, degrees of turn to your backswing and degrees open at impact.  Since we are all different, there are no exact sets of numbers that can be prescribed universally.  The main idea of Golf MTRx is to allow you to find the numbers and pelvis motion that works best for you and helps you become more consistent by setting baseline swings to work toward.  Rating shots and tagging and saving shot shapes are key functional components at this point because you can begin to understand how the pelvis can effect shot shape and quality.

A Peak Time close to the Ideal Peak Time is easier to achieve with a long club or driver rather than a wedge or short iron; we tend to accelerate quicker on longer shots and the wider swing arc and longer club length take slightly more time to get to impact.  The key is how you are hitting the ball and making contact.  Your Peak Time can be a little less than ideal as long as your ball contact and shots are solid with the distance you expect.

 Golf MTRx users have reported success with a variety of ways to improve their peak time:

1. One way to improve Peak Time is to delay impact even slightly. Users report that making a full arc keeping their arms and shoulder back as their hips start forward helps increase their peak time.

2. They also find that holding the lag of the club by not casting early will also help delay impact a bit.

3. Better acceleration of the torso effectively pulls against the hips causing their deceleration.

4. Finally, some users have found that Peak Time gets better when they post up on their lead leg and keep their back foot extended to the ground more on the downswing.  This helps the hips decelerate because the trailing leg pulls against the forward motion of the hips.

When they do see improvement in Peak Time, they feel like they are in better balance through the swing and at the finish.  These swing thoughts work for some MTRx users, and you will want to try things to see what works best for you.

Here are a couple links that talk about deceleration and peak speed in the kinematic sequence.







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