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Tom Gibbings, Jr.After 18 months of development, I am pleased to announce the official launch of Zeroline Golf’s first product, Golf MTRx™. Golf MTRx is an exciting new mobile app that uses the integrated iPhone® and iPod touch® sensors to measure pelvis movement during a golf swing and then provide detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement.

When we initially began development of Golf MTRx, our foremost goal was to close the feedback loop between the golf student and their coach. We saw a real need to improve the communication in the golf lesson between analyzing the swing, receiving verbal steps to improve, the student’s own practice session and ultimately the next lesson. The learning process was still very traditional and it was very easy for the student to get off track with no real mechanism for the student to make progress until the next lesson. Golf MTRx not only solved the feedback issue, but it evolved into a tool that will help golfer’s at all levels understand their swing and improve through the innovative MTRx efficiency score. We believe that this product can be a disruptive technology for traditional golf instruction techniques.

We want to acknowledge all of those members of the golf community who have assisted with the development of Golf MTRx. A special thanks goes out to Goal Success, Inc., for their continuous support and generosity, San Diego Golf Institute (SDGI,) for allowing the product to be incubated and tested at their facility, and Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), for feedback and developing the science that has been instrumental in making Golf MTRx a viable product. Additionally, I want to thank those at Focus Band, Riverwalk Golf Course, Golf Strong and UX Design Edge. A very special thanks to the SDGI members and our beta testers from all over the United States for helping us along the way. When they say, “It takes a village,” Zeroline Golf is a prime example.

If you are new to Zeroline Golf, we want to convey our strong commitment to the golf community and believe Golf MTRx is a reflection of all of us that want to see golf instruction evolve. As always, we are interested in receiving product development assistance as well as feedback.

We actively participate through all our social media outlets, so there are several ways to engage with us (email, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, etc.).

Tom Gibbings
Zeroline Golf, LLC

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