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By Tod Leonard

It is golf instruction that no one could have fathomed only a couple of years ago, because who knew we were going to have a gyroscope readily available in our phones?

Golf instructor Devin Fitzmaurice, the co-founder of the San Diego Golf Institute at Riverwalk, was working with some bright, technological savvy students when they came up with the idea of using an iPhone application to measure some of the golf swing’s most critical components: hip speed and rotation.

Eighteen months of development later, the application, called Golf MTRx, is available for iPhones and iPods for $29.99. The app first became available on Dec. 6 and Fitzmaurice said he has received excellent response and feedback since. Of the 19 ratings in Apple’s App Store, all but one has been five stars.

Among the app’s endorsers are local PGA Tour pros Charley Hoffman and Chris Riley.

“I’m stoked,” said 30 day cialis cost Fitzmaurice, 41. “This is all about teaching people based on what they’re capable of. Some people are trying to mimic golf swings without being able to do it. This will tell you how well your body moves and what can be done to improve that.”

To use the app, golfers attach their iPhone to their waistline. The application then uses the iPhone’s gyroscope to measure rotation and its microphone to identify impact. The app analyzes the swing metrics in real time and provides instant feedback, including a score. There is also a side-by-side comparison between a golfer’s personal MTRx and a baseline swing.

The app will then prescribe practice drills to improve the score. Golfers can also tag and save their better swings.

“I think it allows for the golfer to be creative,” Fitzmaurice said. “They can measure a swing thought. It’s like, ‘I can try this, and here is the outcome.’ When they hit the perfect shot, they will know what just happened.”

The application will be available for tryouts in the San Diego Junior Golf Association booth at the upcoming Farmers Insurance Open. The company’s website is and Fitzmaurice can be reached at (619) 296-4653.

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