Sam Cyr, Asian Tour Player

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Sam Cyr

2-Time NAIA National Champion

The Golf MTRx iPhone app is a great tool to help you understand your golf swing and the sex enhancement pills immediate adjustments that are best for your game. I participated in the product testing for this app and believe Golf MTRx can help golfers gain critical information about their swing and insight into how to take strokes off their game.

I have access to a lot of different tools out here, and I haven’t seen anything as easy to use. My favorite feature is being able to compare when I’m hitting it well and when I’m just not at my best. I can set a Baseline and track my improvement using a specific club and even by the type of shot I’m trying to hit.

I am on the road constantly for the tour, and many times a focused practice routine doesn’t result in better play. I believe Golf MTRx will help me monitor my swing and make any necessary adjustments to optimize my results. This really is a game changer!

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