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Step 1 – Download the App

Coaches realize that even one new student represents thousands of dollars in value over a single year – especially if the student remains closely engaged with the instructor. The cost of the app is a very small investment with the potential for tremendous return.

Golf-MTRx-Record-Swings-ZerolineStep 2 – Become familiar with app and determine how best to use it in your lessons

Using Golf MTRx does not require changing the way you teach. Instructors have reported a wide variety of way they use the app during lessons, for more focused practice in-between lessons and better engagement with students between lessons. Zeroline offers a growing library of resources to help coaches use the app effectively.

Step 3 – Encourage students to purchase the app and integrate Golf MTRx into instruction

Students who use Golf MTRx are more likely to practice regularly, communicate with you in between lessons and continue their lessons.


Step 4 – Use MTRx to build your own social media network

Golf MTRx provides a great opportunity for coaches to engage with potential students in their area. A following on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and similar channels will dramatically increase your visibility and attract new clients