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The Golf MTRx iPhone application has helped me tremendously with the development of my golf game.

I feel as if I look at the game of golf differently because I understand exactly how to find the power in my swing. It has made my practice sessions more efficient and simplified my routine by showing me the main areas to focus for the best gains. Because I understand how to sequence my body better, I feel as if I have more control over my ball flight and shot selection.

Also, the app gives me data and feedback about my body angles that video cameras have a hard time showing. I don’t need to hassle with filming at different angles and going back and forth to the video room. I just pull out my phone, open the application, take a couple swings, and from the feedback I am ready to start my practice session. With this new information about my game, I can get straight to the point with what I need to work on for the day.

It is simple, fun, easy and straight to the point. I think everyone’s golf game can benefit from using this tool.

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