Hi Zeroline Golf,

I purchased a brand-new iPod just so I could buy your app… but what a difference it has made. I saw the app on Mark Crossfield’s pages and realised that it could really help me. Following the tutorials it has improved my swing and ball contact a massive amount.

I have noticed that I get great scores on my driver, but when I use a move to a more lofted club, such as an 8 iron, it takes me a while to get into the groove and get good scores. Do you have any thoughts on this difference and what’s causing it? Is this typical, driver is a longer club and I have more time to react??

One idea I’ve had is that the beep after a swing could change tone or intensity to reflect a score. I do find that it works best under my belt near my back left pocket and it’s a pain to get it out to look at the score and then put it back again. Just a thought.

Great app again.


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