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The Feedback Loop

Golf MTRx simply measures the power output of a student’s low body by measuring your hips and pelvis rotational speeds and positions. It then compares them to a very efficient model for relevance to ensure you are working with your student on the most needed and specific aspect of their swing to increase power and consistency. It also provides insight and drills to help create a specific feel and motor pattern to help produce a more efficient motion.



Golf-MTRx-Assessments-ZerolineA feedback loop is an ideal way to organize, simplify, and process data so you can gather data on a student, understand what it means, identify options, and determine what to do next. The Golf MTRx feedback loop has four parts: 1) Personalized data provided instantly with each recorded swing; 2) Relevance provided by comparing a student’s numbers with target values and identifying areas for improvement; 3) Choices and options to make real changes to a student’s numbers; and 4) Actions and next steps that identify drills and experimentation to affect a student’s MTRx data


Create a game of drills for your students using Golf MTRx to help them learn at an even higher rate.

On-Course Uses

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