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Why Join The Golf MTRx Community?

Drive Business with Golf MTRx

Zeroline Golf supports coaches who use Golf MTRx as a teaching and engagement tool and encourages instructors to use the app to drive business and make more money. Developed by a golf instructor, MTRx was designed to both supplement instruction with an additional form of feedback and to increase student-coach interaction. A more engaged student is one that is likely to continue lessons — increasing the revenue potential of each student.

Reasons to Use Golf MTRx

Golf-MTRx-What-Numbers-Mean-Chart-ZerolineUtilize a new and different way to measure, explain and prescribe — all in the palm of your hand.
Whatever your teaching philosophy, Golf MTRx is a tool that allows a coach to measure a student’s pelvis movement throughout the swing and prescribe focused practice to address flaws. Instructors have reported that MTRx provides a new and engaging way to gather and show concrete data to their students that other tools —including video — cannot. The app includes suggested drills, but instructors are encouraged to draw from their own knowledge and experience to prescribe effective fixes.

Attract New Students

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Zeroline Golf helps promote instructors using Golf MTRx through all of its channels.  MTRx Coaches are featured on our very active Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube channels. We also help to promote coaches who use the app in local media outlets, including television, radio and print publications. Wherever golf is covered, Golf MTRx will support its coaches and help golfers find quality instruction.

Engage with Current students

engage-studentsStudents using the Golf MTRx app can email screenshots with their swing data to their coaches for review and feedback in between lessons. Swing screenshots can also be posted to the instructor’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. Students that are more fully engaged with their coaches tend to continue their lesson, ensuring a steadier stream of ongoing revenue for the coach.

Build a Following

mark-crossfield-socialSocial media is a large and increasingly important way to reach 21st century consumers, and Golf MTRx provides the perfect opportunity to build a following through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other channels. When a student posts Golf MTRx swing screenshots to their coach’s Facebook page, their network sees their posts and more potential clients are introduced to the coach and his or her use of the app. YouTube videos can also be promoted through Facebook and Twitter as well as posted to an instructor’s website. To see how robust a following can become, check out Golf MTRx coach Mark Crossfield and his impressive social media footprint.