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LA JOLLA, Calif. – With the pros in town for the Farmers Insurance Open, it provides the perfect motivation to work on your game and now, there’s an app for that.

Devin Fitzmaurice has coached golf for more than 20 years, but last month, he took his teaching to another level when he launched Golf MTRX, an iPhone app to measure the biomechanics of a golfers swing.

“There’s a chain reaction of events that happen in the golf swing and we are actually able to measure them and then give you feedback and even prescribe drills,” Fitzmaurice said.

The app works when the golfer puts an iPhone into the waistband of his or her pants and then takes a golf swing. The app instantly reads how far the hips rotate, the speed of the turn, the fastest point of the pelvis, the point of impact and the finish point.

Golf MTRX appThe app then charts all these points and compares your data to the optimum data. And most important, offers instant solutions.

“Once I know where I am off, I can touch this, it tells me what peak time is and it prescribes drills. It goes through step by step and shows the drills you need to work on,” said Fitzmaurice.

Fitzmaurice has lived in Clairemont most of his life and he co-founded the San Diego Golf Institute 7 years ago.

But he said the Golf MTRX app, which sells for $29.99 and only works with Apple products, does not require a personal coach to use. It simply requires a golfer who wants to get better.

“This is the real deal,” he said. “That chain reaction of events that happens in the golf swing is vital to hitting the ball solid and now we can actually measure it.”

Fitzmaurice developed the app with two golf-loving partners including software specialist Steve Blake.

He said the app won’t make your swing look like Tiger Woods’, but it can optimize your abilities.

“We’re all made different, built different, we’re all going to swing different. We all have different strength issues. It’s about building a swing that works for you,” Fitzmaurice said.

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