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Ed Reyes, Asian Tour Player

The Golf MTRx iPhone application has helped me tremendously with the development of my golf game. I feel as if I look at the game of golf differently because I understand exactly how to find the power in my swing. It has made my practice sessions more efficient and simplified [...]

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Sam Cyr, Asian Tour Player

2-Time NAIA National Champion The Golf MTRx iPhone app is a great tool to help you understand your golf swing and the sex enhancement pills immediate adjustments that are best for your game. I participated in the product testing for this app and believe Golf [...]

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Game Changers: Technology & the Future of Golf

Ah, the pursuit of the perfect swing. The anticipation of hearing that glorious ping when a driver’s sweet spot makes contact with the ball. For many golfers a little taste of perfection has become an ambrosia, an obsession. Golf equipment has come a long way from Hickory Sticks, crude irons [...]

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