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Bernard Sheridan

Owner Founder Par Breakers Golf Academy Golf MTRx Comes to Par Breakers Par Breakers Golf Academy is on a quest to help you, "Take Control of Your Game!" We have added Zeroline Golf MTRx app to our arsenal of tech toys to help you get the most out of your [...]

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Randy Sparks

Director of Instruction & Coaching PureStrike Golf Academy, canadian viagra Destin Florida I wanted to share with everyone the following information regarding the Golf MTRx app and its use at PureStrike Golf Academy in Destin, Florida. The below jpegs were of “M” - a 15-year-old junior golfer who is a [...]

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Rigo Laborin

This app is far better than any other golf improvement training software that I’ve seen. Golf MTRx, unlike typical professional training aids, actually focuses on the functionality of movement in the golf swing and uses this data to evaluate efficiency make recommendations for improvement. Other products form their opinions through [...]

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Golf MTRx: A Different Way to Improve Swing Mechanics

By John Strege Sensors and apps that provide swing analysis are in vogue these days, but Zeroline Golf has introduced a system that differs from others. Golf MTRx does not come with a sensor. Instead it uses an iPhone's "integrated gyroscope to measure how the body moves," Tom Gibbings Jr., [...]

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